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no screenshot Jopii

DescriptionJopii is a set of 4 games for children.

Titans of Trivia

Titans of Trivia is the best trivia game with competition in Random, Politics, Music, Sports, Hollywood, Hard Ones, and Windows 8 categories.

no screenshot Tic Tac BAM

Tic Tac BAM is a variation of the original Tic Tac Toe but with a 5x5 grid.

no screenshot Reversi Twist

Reversi Twist is a wonderful version of this classic game.

no screenshot Puissance 4

En jouant seul, à deux, ou contre l'ordinateur, alignez 4 jetons de votre couleur pour remporter la partie !

no screenshot Fantastic 4 In A Row

4 In A Row has never been so much fun!

no screenshot Sphere Shooter

Your goal in this game is to destroy all color spheres on the screen. Create groups of spheres with the same color and see how they explode!

Oscar's adventures

A Windows 8 learning game teaching kids some basic educational skills.

no screenshot Number Magic

Number Magic is an educational game developed by Metro Gems.

no screenshot PuzzleTouch Jr.

Fun jigsaw puzzles for kids by the award winning PuzzleTouch. om. Everyone loves jigsaw puzzles, but missing pieces can really spoil the fun.

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